What to Know Before Buying Real Estate Leads

If you buy leads real estate, there is a good chance that those leads are also sold or offered to other agencies. This is because leads are a valuable commodity. As such, you may expect your competition to bombard your clients with emails, phone calls, as well as messages as you are, so you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd. 

Now, getting leads for real estate does not always increase the likelihood of your business getting recognized. That’s why you must not only learn how to get leads as a real estate agent but also where to get real estate leads and how to make the most of the best Real Estate leads that you have purchased already. 

Create content to improve your personal brand 

One of the best ways to generate leads in real estate is by effectively portraying yourself on the World Wide Web, and a simple Facebook or LinkedIn profile won’t do. 

An active blog may not be enough either because no matter how much valuable content you produce, you can’t rely on that alone to make it to the top of the search engine results page. Some ten years ago, you could get into the top of Google results with the help of a blog, but today it will be very difficult for you to find such keywords so that articles written based on them get on the first pages of search engines.  


Considering that the internet is made up of many different websites, the best way to make the most of your online image is to research the types of content that are most relevant to your industry and also it has fewer competitors, so you can get to the top. 

Then, use that information to create content that allows you to cultivate a personal brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or YouTube. Diversifying your presence will significantly improve your ability to attract organic traffic from search engines. 

So, how do real estate agents generate leads in this case? Generally, the content created must be evaluated through a wide lens, including testimonials, videos, blogs, podcasts, and webinars, to name but a few. 

Even if some of your content doesn’t get a high ranking on Google or you face a lot of competition on social media, your leads may still generate business. If your content has its own unique specifics, then you can attract the attention of your leads with this content. It’s a way to get deals without being ranked at the top of the content you create. 

However, note that even if your content does not get a high ranking on google or you’re facing a lot of competition on social media like Facebook, your leads may still pay attention to the content because you have the knowledge to influence prospective consumers directly. 

Maintain a high-quality visual presence online 

online presence

Paid ads on Google and Facebook usually scare away most new professionals. But, you can also pay to display ads solely to people who have already seen your resource. If you are successful in luring a person to your website even once, it is much simpler for you to lure them back again in the future. 

Such a campaign is referred to as remarketing, and it is often significantly more cost-effective than running advertisements to unfamiliar individuals. Therefore, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising, having a website or content that is of high quality may help you bring people back to your webpage by using a tool such as Google Ads to retarget people who have shown prior interest. 

Publish articles and give talks at events, meetings, and conferences 

Your reputation on the Internet holds weight, and the more weight it carries, the simpler it will be to generate leads. 


That’s why you have to post articles on subject platforms, take part in conferences, and other similar activities to raise your relevance on Google. However, in this context, it is necessary to have an understanding of two points: 

  1. Will you be able to find the audience that you need in the location where you will be performing? 
  1. Will the platform assist in bringing your brand to a higher level? 

Consider a scenario where you have a blog that has 500 unique visitors each month, and you’re debating whether or not to provide free content to some other site. As long as you can tell that this blog is more popular and relevant to Google than yours, you may write up content for them. Just make sure that in return, the blog owner mentions your brand and links back to your site in his or her posts as well. 

This will help you to add more credibility to your own blog. After you’ve published a dozen pieces of this kind, some of your content may find its way into the first page of search results, thus helping you to generate leads. The same method is effective when using social networks. If you do not know where to begin with your real estate lead generation Australia, there are professionals that you can consult to help you get started. 

Ask for referrals from past clients 

Word of mouth is still king, and referrals can bring you some of your most profitable customers yet. Clients that come to a business by word of mouth incur lower acquisition costs and have a better likelihood of remaining customers. In fact, the lifetime value of a recommended client is 16% more than that of a non-referred client. 

The issue is that unless you specifically ask for referrals, your previous customers are not likely to provide them for you. Only 29% of happy consumers will recommend their company to others without being asked. 


One of the drawbacks of requesting referrals is that you could upset clients by doing so, particularly high-end clients. The reality, though, is that the vast majority of your clients will be pleased to hand one over to you. Customers report being willing to suggest a friend or colleague 83 percent of the time. 

In the real estate industry, referrals are the primary source of new business for the vast majority of agents. But how exactly do you go about getting referrals from your previous customers? 

Simply ask. For example, you may compose a simple email asking for referrals from your clients and send it to them. The best time to ask a satisfied customer for a reference is just after a positive event, such as when the customer has just moved into their dream house, earned a significant profit on the sale of their property, or something similar. 

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