How to Find a Real Estate Sales History

If you’re a real estate professional, you want to know everything there is to know about a property before you help someone buy or sell it. Property sales records are an essential part of this information, but it’s not always obvious how to find them. Here’s a look at when they are needed and how you can find them.

When Might Sold House Price History Be Needed?

To start, when exactly will you find yourself needing the sale price history of a house?

  • Looking for real estate property value: Seeing how much homes near you are selling for could inform your own pricing.
  • Seeing if there are issues with a property: If a home sold well below market value, that may be an indicator of trouble.

However, it’s important that you have a proper understanding of the resources to look at the sale history of a home, so let’s showcase the various resources you can use for this purpose.

How To Check Sold House Prices

There are three main branches of options you have to look at prices for sold property. They are as follows:

Property Listings Sites

While there are dozens of different options out there, here are some of the favorites:

  • Domain: This connects you to millions of Australian properties, and allows you to search by recent sales, auction results, and other metrics.
  • This can connect you to sales history as well as general market trends.
  • While this can connect you to detailed property history, you need to sign up first.
  • All homes: More limited than some of the other options on this list, you can search past sales by address and suburb.
  • Pricefinder: This is a paid tool that contains past sales info as well as valuations. You can test it with a free trial.

Government Sites

Here’s a quick list of links for the state options for learning property information. Expect to pay a small fee to see this information. As an alternative, you can look into public record offices, but there’s a chance they may not have the information you need.

Property Reports

As a third option, you can look into property reports. There are a lot of free resources like websites, banks, and third-party companies that can connect you with reports that have sales history as well as price estimates.

How To Hide The Sold Price Of A House

In some cases, though, you may need to remove prices from the public record. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Personal privacy: A buyer may, for various reasons, not want how much they paid for a place as a matter of public record.
  • The buyer may want to purchase the property to sell it/ “flip it” on their own.
  • The buyer may not want to be contacted by other buyers agents who use these resources for lead generation.

If you decide you do want to hide any recently sold house prices, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Buy the property as an LLC/other legal entity rather than under your own name.
  • Explicitly ask the agent you work with not to provide this info to databases.

This can be difficult, so you really want an agent you can trust to handle the job. Real estate data is king to help you find both the history and value of houses in Australia. Getting access to historical house prices is a good start, but there are other data resources that you’ll need to be successful as a buyer’s agent. A telemarketing database is a key starting point to make sure you’re always finding the leads to connect to different properties you are scouting.

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