10 Things Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Keep in Their Car

Real estate agents essentially live out of their cars. It’s one of the ultimate on-the-go jobs where you have to be ready at all times for client meetings, inspections, and viewings. As a result, their cars are always full of items ranging from paperwork to personal care items, so they’re handling their responsibilities while keeping refreshed for the tasks ahead. 

What things should you keep in your car as you drive to and from the office or properties each day? Here are 10 things that you should have by your side for each workday. 

1. Extra Paperwork

Mistakes will happen on the job. Never assume otherwise. It helps to have extra paperwork on you in case something goes awry or if there were errors made while things were being signed or written on the original paperwork you carried with you. You may also have to write up stuff for a new client on the fly. Having that blank paperwork will save you time and spare you embarrassment.

extra papework

2. Marketing Materials

You also need to ensure you have all marketing materials on you, including some top-quality print material with eye-catching real estate photography that will attract your client and make their decision an easier one. These marketing materials include: 

  • Floor plans of the property
  • Business cards
  • Photos/videos 
  • Brochures/booklets
  • All listing information

These materials are key to helping you seal deals with greater efficiency. 

3. Personal Care Items

In times like these, having some hand sanitiser on you at all times is a must. Additionally, you should keep some deodorant, hand wipes, and face wipes close by as well as some mouthwash or breath mints. You want to look presentable and feel comfortable when you’re meeting with clients. First impressions mean everything in the real estate industry.

4. Sneakers or Flat Shoes

These aren’t only needed to give you premium comfort; they also will protect your feet as you’re doing inspections. You never know what you could run into while surveying the property. You also need to protect against anything in the grass that could damage your feet. 


5. A Phone Charger/Extra Battery

Real estate agents are persistently on the phone during workdays. They’re texting back and forth with clients or calling the office to ensure that paperwork is being processed seamlessly. Having your phone die on you while you’re meeting with someone can be disastrous, so keep your phone charger in one of your compartments. A USB charger would especially be useful if you have a tablet or smartphone.

phone xhaeger and barrery

6. A Notepad

Ensure you have a notepad to take down important client information, signatures or to pass on your contact information. Additionally, keep extra pens in your pocket just in case the ink on the one you regularly use starts running low.

7. Air Freshener 

Get rid of those nasty smells left behind from eating lunch in your car as well as cigarette odour. Get some aerosol air freshener and give your car a good spray down or place an air freshener clip at the front to keep your vehicle smelling fresh.

8. Medication

Real estate work can be very demanding. You’re bound to rub your head a few times, especially when you’re trying to work around certain complexities (legal paperwork, taxes, etc.) to complete sales. A small pack or bottle of ibuprofen and antihistamines would be very useful for those annoying headaches you’ll pick up now and then or for a sudden allergy attack. 

9. An Umbrella

For those rainy days when you’re touring the home with prospective buyers, keep yourself and your clients covered at all times. The last thing you want is for your clothes to get destroyed because of a downpour! 

10. Flashlights

Some properties that you’ll visit will have no power, potentially due to the owner disconnecting the electricity. Alternatively, when days get shorter in the spring and summer, you’ll need flashlights to get through the darkness. There are also naturally dark areas of the home, like a garage, basement or power supply area, where light is needed to see the surroundings and ensure everything is in working order. 

These items are vital to helping you handle a wide range of situations that could arise during a given day as an agent.

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