7 Ways to Generate Leads as a Mortgage Broker in Australia

Getting the best mortgage leads can be a great profit-generating activity for brokers to garner interest from homeowners looking for a mortgage. Because the mortgage business is extremely competitive, finding exclusive mortgage leads is vital to growth within the industry, using digital means to get ahead of brokers who use traditional media and tactics to try and recruit mortgage prospects.

These seven tactics can help you establish the best mortgage leads as a mortgage broker in Australia, keeping your mortgage business up and running in the land down under. 

1. Social Media 

A social media strategy is key to generating free mortgage leads and a quick way of seeing people who have a legitimate interest in owning a mortgage. There are 11.4 million Australians who use Facebook in 2021, a great place to start generating leads. You can use sponsored ads and boosted posts to retarget potential customers who’ve already visited your website or follow similar pages to yours. If you’re on a short budget and prefer to use organic means, Facebook or Instagram Live is a good alternative to shop your services if you have a team and some good equipment nearby. 

Also, use up the search engines and hashtags that target new homeowners. This enables you to see pictures and groups involving people who are looking to move and just need some guidance as they seek a new home. 

social media strategy is key

2. Content Matters

Your website should be full of engaging content that will keep potential mortgage seekers interested in your services, driving traffic to the website and generating leads that way. Blogs and frequently asked questions about the mortgage industry and trends are great places to start. However, more people will gravitate if you can post videos, infographics, customer testimonials, and newsletters, among other things, so people can visualize what you’re presenting to them.

3. Your Portfolio

Sometimes, looking from within works best. If there’s a client in your lending portfolio looking to sell his or her home, that’s an immediate way to get free mortgage leads. Finding these qualified candidates via mortgage lead generation websites or list-building websites can access national property databases for you, customizing lists by zip code or region. Then, you can find things like the mortgage amount, the square footage, and property type to search areas for home listings before contacting them about your services. 

your lending portfolio

4. Your Reviews

Customer reviews not only tell you how good your services are, but they can also be good mortgage lead indicators. After you close a deal, ask your customers to write reviews and interact with them, saying thanks by prompting them to come back or any other incentive.

5. Advertising 

Aside from Facebook ads, you can use other advertising means to create the best mortgage leads possible. You can use online banners on relevant websites or web classifieds to put your services on blast and generate clicks. If you’re more of a traditionalist, you can pay for an advertisement in a local print magazine, newspapers, or online flyers with contact information to get in touch with you. 

use online banners on relevant websites

6. Networking

Affiliating with realtors and other real estate professionals in your area can introduce you to potential new customers as well as connect with anyone you know who’s looking to buy a home. Additionally, get involved in community events and set up a booth with brochures and other bits of information to attract interested parties.

7. Telemarketing

Another brilliant way to generate exclusive mortgage leads is by using a telemarketing database for real estate. Successful telemarketers need a validated phone listing within a targeted demographic, as well as a script with questions about mortgage products homeowners are using, and information on whether they qualify for the mortgages you offer. Using a telemarketing database for real estate like this can allow you to be more personable when presenting mortgage offers.

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