10 Customer Service Skills for Real Estate

Skills for Real Estate

Know Real Estate

This might sound too obvious to bother mentioning, but it really is important. This goes for any job, you must really demonstrate expertise in your field if you are to gain the trust and respect you need to gain a client. Knowing the local area is very important for real estate agents.


Be a good listener. Remember what the client wants and understand their hopes and goals. Clearly convey all messages to them to make sure you are both on the same page with everything.

Be Patient

For most people, a home is the biggest investment they’ll ever make. This can cause some buyers to become very needy, indecisive or they may think they know better than you do. A good real estate agent will be able to handle this.

Be Honest

If you are not familiar with the community you are dealing with, admit it. If a client has unreasonable aspirations for a limited budget you must be firm in telling them the truth. Being honest with a client will help gain their trust.

Digital Presence

Many clients will expect communication in different modern ways. Social media and texting via mobile phone can be good ways to communicate any new ideas or prospects with your clients.

Be Compassionate

If any problems arise, you must be able to picture yourself in their shoes. How would YOU want such a situation to be resolved?

Solve Problems

Your clients should not expect you to be perfect, but will expect you to fix things if they go wrong.

Recognise Body Language

You should be able to read your client. Are there there things they are not completely comfortable telling you? Learn to be able to tell. Don’t forget to be aware of your own body language. Crossing your arms or learning could suggest a lack of interest.

Master Persuasion

You must be able to make compromises so that the end of result makes everyone happy.

Seal the Deal!

This is one of the most important of all. If you cannot close a deal, you can’t get paid. It is the most important part of any commercial activity. Remember the ABC of sales; Always Be Closing that deal. Don’t drag things out when they’re ready to buy.

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