Drone Photography for Real Estate Marketing


A very modern approach to property photography for real estate marketing is Drone Photography.

Drones are remotely controlled aircraft fitted with cameras and can film from angles that would otherwise be very difficult and expensive to achieve. Many different industries are flocking to make use of this new and exciting service.

Real estate agents and developers are making great use of drones for their real estate photography. These aerial photographs are a great real estate marketing tool, they can prove and backup what you would have previously had to describe with text.

For example, if your property is “A short stroll from the beach” you could prove that with an aerial photograph of the property with the beach in the distance. You can prove how close the property is in relation to any important landmarks, parks and give a real sense of size as well.
Developers are using drones to give potential buyers an idea of views for unbuilt high-rise buildings. Want to see what the view would be like form the 30th floor? No problem. This photography can be bother valuable to developers and investors to make sure expectations are met.

Drones can also photograph properties that are difficult to photograph from the ground. Some properties may have large trees, other buildings or busy roads nearby that prevent a traditional real estate photographer from getting the perfect shot. With a drone these obstacles can be easily overcome and a much more impressive photo can also be taken.

Here is a sample video by an American company to give you an idea of what kind of angles can be achieved.

Find out more about drones in general including any privacy or legal concerns in this Sixty Minutes feature video.

photo credit: eschipul via photopin cc

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