How to market Real Estate on Social Media

Real Estate on Social Media


Social media appears an ever advancing in popularity there is no doubt that it will begin to become essential to a real estate strategy. As a real estate agent, you need to consider investing some time and energy increasing the size of your social network. Whether it be on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn there are key ways to grow your profile on each platform.

We believe it is best to leave your agency at the door. Use a personal profile this makes it so much easier for people to connect with you on all social media.


Facebook is of course, our largest platform with 14 million users in Australia alone. The largest group of Facebook users are age between 25 and 34 and comprise 29% of Facebook’s total membership.

We would suggest only posting your prime real-estate. The key is not to overwhelm you friends with every property you list but focus on the ones you like the most.

Facebook is a more even combination of both copy and images. So when posting about listings give some information about the property but with some beautiful imagery. But keep things causal your Facebook friends aren’t interested in a formal introduction to the property, instead point out what’s cool about the property and why you have shared it.

As for how to grow your profile this is pretty simple regularly add your friend’s acquaintances. Especially and buyers and vendors who you have had integration with.  Over time, your profile will grow and put you InTouch with a much larger market.


LinkedIn is excellent for networking with other professionals. The platform gives you a chance to showcase your experience and style. This can a great source to develop listings as well as sell homes.

You want to position yourself an expert in your field and consistent contributor. LinkedIn now allows its users to post from your profile. We would recommend posting case studies of successful property sales as well as commentary of your market. If you produce excellent content you will be recognised for it and your profile will grow as a result. Try to post regularly but not too regularly that the quality of your content suffers (every month is enough).

Growing your audience here is much the same as Facebook. Start by adding your friends, business colleagues and acquaintances, then move onto adding your vendors and potential buyers.


Instagram is a very powerful visual medium, with 5 million monthly active Australian users there are certainly opportunities. This medium has some social interaction but usually through comments and likes.

A key eye for detail and aesthetics is key. It’s worth posting most of the houses you list however keep in mind your visuals have to be good. Poor looking images will do nothing to grow your profile.

We would also suggest posting images of really interesting or spectacular real estate. Great images like these will get you more likes than you would usually expect. Finally, post some behind the scenes images. By this we mean a little more about yourself, you want to break down the barriers of formality. People on social media are more likely to connect with a face than someone behind the curtain.

We hope you find our ideas useful when marketing yourself on social media.

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