Use Leads Effectively: Easy Ways to Find Phone Numbers & Other Data

Lead management refers to the process, methodology, or software used to attract and manage leads and convert them into paid customers.  

In the real estate industry, it refers to strategies utilized to find the next prospective buyer or seller. Sometimes a lead is just a name, an email address, or even a phone number: a single way to contact a prospective customer.  


As a real estate agent, you should contact your prospective customers at the right time. An excellent real estate agent can turn a phone number or email address into a customer!   

Also, If agents want to know how to find a house address with a phone number, they can use phone lookups and online services.  

There are also providers available to help agents interested in knowing how to find a homeowner’s phone number. Using the person’s first and last names is another common method to find a house phone number. 

Googling To Extract Personal Data 

google search

If you need information like “how to find the phone number of a house” and search google, you may find some information about a person, including their phone number or email address. 

Sounds obvious, right? In practice, some pages in Google may contain the information you want, but Google just doesn’t show it. If you know where this or that person works or what his or her profession is, it makes sense to go to the company’s website and look for an employee or search the database for people of a certain profession who are in the public domain. Also, some information on the sites is recorded in PDF documents that are not indexed by Google or simply recorded with an error, which interferes with indexing. 

Facebook & Personal Data 

facebook search

Real estate agents can find their customers’ phone numbers in the “about” section of their Facebook profile, provided that they didn’t hide their personal information. Some easy tactics allow agents to access individuals’ email on Facebook, such as using an email finder tool or manually checking the person’s Facebook profile. The platform can also be used to perform reverse phone lookups to find out the person’s name and address. 

How LinkedIn Can Help 

linkedin search

You can use LinkedIn to generate real estate leads. By installing the Rapportive Chrome extension (or analogs), you can view anyone’s profile; all you need is the person’s email.  

You can find an individual’s phone number or an alternative email address below the “advice for contacting” section. 

Is iMessage Helpful 


iMessage can help you find your customers’ phone numbers; thus, it is useful. You can send texts directly to your prospective customers’ phones by connecting your email address to your iMessage. 

Also, the idea is that all iPhone users have an email tied to their device, so you can send messages directly to the user’s phone, even if you only have their email. 

How About Paid Services  

spokeo search

Spokeo and Truthfinder are two of the many paid services that you can use based on your needs. 

Spokeo, is a famous people search website that can be of great help. Realtors use Spokeo to generate sales leads and gather homeowner information. Its reverse address search makes it possible for agents to find a house phone number by address.  

truthfinder search

A public records search engine like TruthFinder makes it possible to access unlimited reports. If you have a person’s name and last name, you can have access to their sensitive information such as criminal records, phone number, address, and so on. 

To turn their real estate leads into clients, you should nurture your leads. Real leads equal real deals! 

You can also buy a list of leads to save a lot of research time. 

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