Using SMS with your real estate lists for greater results

SMS has been around for a while now, but is still a relevant business tool, especially in real estate.

People might delay opening and answering other forms of media – email could wait a day or three, phoning takes up so much of your time, and social media is unreliable.

But SMS is still the fastest checked, most opened form of message.

Reports from the US say that SMS is the preferred means of contact by home buyers, yet only 5% of realtors use it! Surely a savvy realtor, listening to the clients, would grab hold of this very popular form of communication. You’d think so, but no. Not yet.

SMS allows the interested party to read the listing at their leisure on their phone, and click a link to read more or to see a picture of the property. Some services allow the prospective client to hear a message about the property, then press a button to have you call them about it.

Using your lists, you can create a database so that you can immediately send to batches of people who may be interested in a property that just came on the market. All your matching clients can be informed in less than a minute, and there will be responses in less than two.

Alternatively, if you are the head of an agency, or an inspirational senior agent, and come across properties that another agent would be interested in, you can send that message to them so they have all the details and pictures available on their phone.

This all eases up your work day, your efficiency and effectiveness.

Start gathering your data now by contacting Real Estate List Provider, and get those phone numbers to make an easier day for yourself.

About Real Estate List Provider

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