Which Property Listing Websites Are Available for Free?

Property listings are perhaps the backbone of the modern world of real estate. People no longer drive around their dream neighborhoods scouting out for “For Sale” signs. Instead, online resources enable them to search for available properties for buying or renting in a flash. At the same time, for sellers, using listing websites makes it possible to put up their properties for a larger audience. One question people on both sides may have is, is this really something worth paying for?

Let’s begin by profiling 4 of the standout options when it comes to finding a listing site.

1.     Rent.Com.Au

This partially paid site is specifically designed for renters and has a few unique features catered to their needs. For example, the Renter Resume feature allows you to enter your credentials, then repeatedly use them to apply to various properties at once.

2.     Greatestate.Com.Au

With a wide variety of different properties and several filters to sort them by, this site makes a great option for both buyers trying to narrow down their options, as well as agents looking to keep track of market trends in their area.

3.     Mastersell.Com.Au

This free site caters exclusively to the needs of sellers, with free property, service, or business ads available. This private sale option gives you as much control over the proceedings as you would like.

4.     Pickahouse.Com.Au

This free site combines free listings and an easy-to-use interface to help people find available properties for sale, rent, or even sharing.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

As you can see, all four of these serve as great options in terms of a starting point for either searching for listings or putting up your own. However, say that you want to spend a little extra and work on a paid listing site. What exactly are you getting for your money? Note that before getting into this side of this confirmation, your experience will vary from site to site. We’re going to cover some of the more general trends you can expect in this regard.

  1. More features. This is likely the most common reason that listing websites will have either a paid option or premium option on top of their services. These premium features can range from advanced communication options to reach out to customers, or unique ways to enhance your listing. Be sure to do your fair share of scouting when comparing these features. One site may charge something as a premium, like video tours, that another offers as a baseline.
  2. Listing caps. This is only something relevant to buyer’s agents or property managers, as your average private citizen isn’t likely to have a set of properties for sale. However, some sites will charge extra if you want to have multiple listings up at once. Just be mindful of what your limit is if you know you have several items to sell.
  3. Estimates. Getting an estimate on a property you’re looking at, or for your own, might be a paid feature. Note that you would still want to run this by a professional regardless.

Property listings are a great way for real estate agents to stay on track when it comes not just to individual properties, but ongoing trends in these communities. Staying abreast of these developments is key, but it’s also important to have a steady stream of prospects coming in to help with buying or selling these properties. This is where residential phone listings come in. You might be surprised how effective a homeowner’s list with phone numbers is in terms of helping find prospects. Combine this with free property listing sites, and you have all the resources you need to bolster a real estate career.

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