3 Ways to Real Estate Agents can market themselves using video



Video when used properly can be an exciting and engaging medium that captures your target audience. These days video marketing is becoming more common in real estate but typically video is used to market the property and not the agent.

Here are three ways you can use video to market yourself:

Agent profiles

An agent profile is a video designed to introduce you to your prospective buyer or vendor. Here you can showcase your personality and shed some light on your experience and expertise. This video shouldn’t be too long, the idea is to keep it short give a bit of background to yourself but focus the main bulk of the video on what you can do for you clients.

How long: A good agent profile will take between 1:30 to 2:30 minutes.  

Where does it go: Agent profiles a versatile I would suggest having it on your agency website as well as any digital profiles that a prospective client may find you. The key ones to look out for are Domain and RealEstate.com.au.

Market Update

The market update is usually a series of videos that can be produced monthly or even quarterly. The idea here is to position yourself as an authority on the property market in your area. Educate your audience and give them some insight into the complicated world of property. If you are providing good quality and useful information, trust between you and your community will naturally be a by-product.

How long: Market Updates only need to me 2:00 minutes long. Keep it simple for your audience.

Where does it go: A great place to put this item is on your agency website. If it is hard to get your agency involved in these types of pursuits you can always consider putting it up on a social media channel (Facebook & YouTube) or your own personal website.

Testimonial Video

A testimonial video should be a previous client (vendor or buyer) who is happy with the service you provided. Your client should also be willing to speak on camera. Testimonial videos that usually work best are in the question and answer format. This style allows them to relax a bit more so the video comes across as more natural and less forced.

How long: Testimonial Video can be between 0:45 and 2:00 depending on how many clients you are interviewing.

Where does it go: As mentioned before a social media channel works well to distribute this content but also consider platforms like Domain and RealEstate.com.au

Videos can work surprisingly well to market yourself and your agency but remember the world is changing. These days marketing is moving online. Using videos to market yourself will work best if you start to build an online presence.

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