Boosting the Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail and Letterbox Campaigns

letterbox real estate campaign

Direct mail and letterbox campaigns are a popular method  used by real estate marketers to increase brand exposure and we have touched on the topic previously in our Property Sale Postcard article.

But how can you turn this exercise from an exposure exercise to a real estate lead generation exercise?

Radius Suburb Recommendation

Don Asplin from Pro West in WA recommends Radius Suburb from PrintForce. He said this to Kevin Turner:

Don: “I’ve found it very useful for us in backing up our direct mail and letterbox campaigns. What we basically do with it is we go through a letterbox drop in a specific area, use Radius to be able to generate the telephone numbers from there and because it’s a clean list I know that I can confidently go through and contact all of the people that are on the list”

Kevin: “I guess anyone can come up with a contact list, but to have it to have it as you said “washed” is pretty important Don, isn’t it?”

Don: “Absolutely it is, if somebody is on the Do Not Call register and you contact them they get pretty damn cranky overall”

Kevin: “Not a good way to start a relationship”

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

The most effective strategy here is this:

  • Use Radius Suburb to generate a list of real estate leads in a particular suburb.
  • Order the list by street name and choose which streets you would like to target.
  • Keep a record of which houses you will be marketing to so you can follow up.
  • Send addressed mail to each of these houses with the householder’s name on it.
  • After the mail has been delivered, follow up with a phone call using their correct phone number to find out if they received your mail.
  • Introduce yourself as someone who could help them sell their property for a profit and if they are not interested now, to keep you in mind for the future.

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About Real Estate List Provider

Gain access to any suburb in Australia for an extremely cost-effective prospecting and real estate marketing lead solution. One price for any suburb in Australia, regardless of how many real estate leads there are. Radius Suburb will provide you with highly valuable, washed data to help generate real estate marketing sales leads with higher conversions.

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