How to use residential phone listings for real estate marketing

What is a residential phone listing?

Residential phone listings are a powerful real estate marketing tool for real estate agents who are looking to prospect fresh leads. These phone listings or “call lists” are usually presented as a spreadsheet with the names, addresses and phone numbers of residents in a particular suburb.

How can real estate agents use a residential list?

Telephone Leads

If you ever have down time in your office, you could be using this time to do some outbound marketing. If you do not have a constant stream of new leads coming to you, you may have to go looking for them yourself. Using a recently updated residential list you can call up potential leads in your chosen suburb. The ability to ask for a resident by name is a powerful thing, it qualifies the call compared to the typical response a telemarketer might get. Because you are a real estate agent in their own town, a chat about local real estate and an introduction is more welcoming than an annoying sales call.

Talking points for real estate telephone leads

  • Introduce yourself to residents in your area. Make them aware of your services so that they can keep you in mind if anyone ever needs a real estate agent.
  • Call to discuss property prices around town and offer them a valuation on their property. Are they aware they are sitting on a goldmine? Maybe they will want to sell their house through you one day.
  •  If you are having an event nearby, such as an open house you could call up to let the residents know that the street might be busy that day to be aware, and to pop in as well if they want a look.

Direct Mail

Many people will not even open unaddressed mail. If you address the mail to the residents by name, far more people will actually open the envelope, bypassing the junk factor. If you are prepared to send real estate marketing material in the post, it is important that you do it in a way that will deliver the best ROI.

Reasons to use direct mail for real estate marketing

  • Send an introduction letter with a branded magnet, notepad or other promotional piece that they might keep.
  • Let the resident know of up coming auctions or open houses.
  • Let the resident  know of how much you’ve sold other houses for nearby, this will help them gather an idea of how much their own property might be worth and start considering selling as well.

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Where can you get residential phone listings?

In Australia, your best resource for residential phone listings is Radius Suburb by PrintForce. Radius Suburb allows you to buy a list of all the residents in a particular suburb (excluding those on the Do Not Call register). The data is filtered every 21 days to ensure anyone on the Do Not Call list is removed. This subscription services gives you access to the data over a full 12 month period so you always have access to a fresh list.

If you are outside of Australia, there may be a similar service available in your country.

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