The Ultimate Guide to Getting Real Estate Prospecting Scripts Right

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Acquiring new prospects is always one of the greatest challenges for real estate agents. Of course, there are a variety of ways to go about finding these new prospects but what use is it if every other real estate agent are following the same real estate leads.

Real estate prospecting scripts and prospecting letters are a great way to help you organise your thoughts and put your best foot forward. When it comes to getting listings, scripts and dialogues is a fantastic way of finding work. But this is a competitive business and everyone wants a piece of the real estate pie. So what can set you apart from the rest?

We’ve devised a list of the best methods with tips and tricks on letters to get listings so you won’t ever miss an opportunity again.

Door Knocking – Real Estate Prospecting Scripts

The key to getting more business is understanding how to effectively secure these clients – and many of these may be from door knocking. So many real estate agents are reluctant to go door-to-door in fear of appearing like desperate salesmen. Whilst this perception isn’t all wrong, there is a way to get it right!

You need to be confident in your approach and you need to know what you’re talking about. Above all, you need to do your research and show that you understand the market within that area. Give your potential customers a reason to choose you and show them you know your stuff. Use concrete examples of other houses that you’ve sold in the area, of the situation in the current real estate market and any other practical skills you have under your belt. Add value to your approach and homeowners will be more receptive and engage when you knock on their door.


Phone Call – Real Estate Prospecting Scripts

Phone calls are also a daunting aspect for real estate agents. Door to door sales have the advantage of a face-to-face contact that make it far easier to captivate the attention of the person you’re talking to. On the phone, as soon as the person has realised the call is not from someone they know, it’s so easy to simply hang up. Don’t let them lose interest that quickly! Always call with news and be willing to offer them something. Most people won’t respond if there is nothing in it for them and this is where a lot of real estate agents go wrong. Whether it’s helping them sell their home fast, sell their home for more, offering a limited-time-only deal or helping them shape their neighbourhood, it’s got be something attractive.

The important thing with a script is to make it relatable and believable. If it sounds pre-written and impersonal people will switch off and won’t hear all the good things you have to say. Speak from the heart, use your own words and know what you’re talking about. Over time, you’ll get better and better at finding out what people respond to and finding your own style. Sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it. You need to be positive and upbeat and you need to talk to people on the same level – without this you’re sure to fail before you’ve even begun.

Most importantly, be sure that you can pick yourself back up even if you receive negative feedback. It takes a leap of faith to cold call or even call up old clients. On the rare occasion that you sense someone has been annoyed by you making contact, simply apologise and offer to take them off your caller list. It happens. The main thing is you continue to develop a process where perhaps one in the 25 people you call will be a successful real estate lead.

Please Note: Australia has very strict rules around sales calls especially in real estate. for more information please read the Complete Guide to the ‘Do Not Call’ Registry rules for Real Estate Agents.

Use Your Existing Contacts!

The contacts and database you’ve already acquired through your own hard work should be used to your advantage. The biggest mistake a real estate agent can make is thinking their work is done with a client. Whether you’ve helped these people buy or sell their homes – or perhaps you’ve just chatted with them in the past – give them a call.

The trick here is not to pester your clients. Annoying people is truly the worst way to use this resource. On the other end of the scale, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be contacting them at all. Make notes in your diary that tells you when you should be contacting specific people over course of the entire year. Make sure to contact your entire database at least once a year. Plans to sell and buy can change year on year, so it’s a good amount of time between calls without overdoing it and becoming that annoying agent.

It’s also important to build up these long-lasting relationships. Showing that you genuinely still have an interest with someone you’ve worked with in the past offers a personal touch and that people can appreciate. Often if they’ve had a good experience with you and you’ve made regular contact, you’ll always be in the back of these customer’s minds. This will be the most effective way to get referrals and find more work.

Some great examples of real estate prospecting scripts

We’ve talked about some of the top considerations for putting together a prospecting script but how does this translate in practice? Well we’ve got a few examples to give you inspiration for your own scripts.

  1. Hello there, __________. My name is ______ from ______ and I’m calling to let you know we’ve just listed your neighbour’s home. I’m sure you have an invested interest in shaping the people who live around you. I wanted to offer you the opportunity to let me know of anyone who might be interested in moving into your street – a family member or friends perhaps?

I understand if no names come to mind right now. Do you know of anyone who might be interested in buying or selling soon? I’d love to help them out.

If you think of anybody, feel free to give them my contact information.

Thanks so much for your time.


  1. Hi _______, it’s here from _______. I’ve just set up a special deal with __________. The difference they’re making to homes coming onto the market is amazing. If you’re looking at selling anytime in the coming year, or know of anyone else who is, I could set you up with an appointment.


  1. Hi there ______, my name is ______ from _______. I noticed it’s been ___ years since we sold your house and we wanted to congratulate you on the anniversary. This is a just a courtesy call to say hello and offer our services for anything you might need in the next phase of your life.


  1. Hi there ______, my name is ______ from _______. I know you were looking to sell sometime soon and I wanted to let you know we’ve got a special offer for our clients that want to sell by Christmas/Winter/Summer. Would you want to hear more about setting up one of our great marketing programs?


Obviously, you need to make these your own and you need to use words that are familiar to you. What’s the use in using other real estate agent’s words? It will only come out as unnatural and ingenuine, which is the worst thing you can do as a real estate agent. Be true to yourself and be prepared and soon enough the scripts will be writing themselves.

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