Six Scenarios to Make Your Real Estate Cold Call Effective

Realtors handle many responsibilities daily to generate new business from prospective clients, they hear and resolve their pain points, and eventually, sell their homes. They have to figure out call lists for sale in the form of phone number lists for telemarketing while ensuring they are also fulfilling their real estate duties.

real estate telemarketing

In the sea of a million things realtors do to generate new business, is there potentially one solution to all their woes? And if there is, could cold calling in real estate be it? 

The answer to that question is yes. However, cold calling may not serve its purpose right when not used effectively. Contrary to popular belief, cold calling through real estate lists and phone listings is not dead. They serve a significant purpose when the caller’s pitch and targetting are perfected.

The success of cold calling is not all that complicated, but it is the superficial aspects that people often overlook. All one needs is preparation and delivery and access to real estate mailing lists and the residential database in Australia. Here is what a property owner wants to see in a realtor: 

  • The enthusiasm to sell their property 
  • Confidence  
  • The preparation that makes the seller believe you are the realtor for the job 

You may be wondering if cold calling works for buyers agents, and the truth is, it does! But only when it is done effectively does it work. So, let’s take a deeper look at how you can make your real estate cold call effective through real estate lead generation in Australia.  

Cold Calling Script  

Any given script of your cold calls must serve a specific purpose after knowing which individual you are calling through their street address and phone number. You shouldn’t under any circumstances “just wing it.” Your goal is to connect with a prospect seeking to sell their property in the real estate market.

cold call sales

Try to incorporate a few essential ingredients in your real estate sale scripts: 

  • Goal 
  • Positivity 
  • Empathy 
  • Questions 
  • Value 

Try to focus more on the quality of your real estate cold calls rather than their quantity. However, at the same time, you must make sure you’re getting enough prospects lined up. We understand that it is a delicate balance, but you can perfect your cold calling script and then focus on the number of your cold calls in a day.  

Practice as Often as You Can 

You may not know this, but practicing your real estate calls can help play a significant role in making your calls successful as it helps hone your skills and gives you an insight into how to handle yourself in any cold call.

call practicing

Once you have practiced your script enough times, you can try them on your real estate peers so they can give you some pointers on how to improve yourself, if needed.  

Here are a few scripts you can follow: (for the sake of this post, let’s take an example of an imaginary realtor named Catherine). 

1. Out of the Blue Cold Calling Script 

“Hi, my name is Catherine. I’m so happy I was finally able to reach you! I’m a real estate agent for Radius! Just checking in, is it a good time for us to speak?”  

out of the blue call

This script will help you gauge a prospect and listen to their pain points.   

2. Interest-Gauging Script  

“Hi, I’m Catherine from Radius Real Estate. Is this the homeowner?” 

interest gauging call

This script will help you get an in-depth look at the homeowner and determine if they’re interested in selling their property.  

3. Script That Positions You as a Community Champion 

“Hi (Name), I’m Catherine from Radius Real Estate. I’m reaching out as I have lived in this neighborhood for 20 years and just love the place. Since I am a new agent at Radius, I wondered if I could find a suitable buyer for your property in the following month. Would you be interested?” 

community champion

This script gets you directly to the point, and your prospect will either say yes or say no. Even if the answer is no, you’ll have established yourself as the community champion they will reach out to when they decide to sell their property.  

4. Script That Helps You Leverage a Recent Sale 

“Hi, I’m Catherine from Radius Real Estate. Is this the homeowner?”  

“I’m reaching out because I recently helped sell a property down the street from you. (mention the address of the property). It is a great area that offers a lot of interest, and properties are selling fast at good rates. Out of interest, I thought to reach out to ask if you might be interested in selling?” 

recent sale leverage

This will kickstart their thinking process and give them a FOMO (fear of missing out) when their neighbor has sold their home, possibly for a profit, but they are still inhabiting theirs.  

5. Script for Nailing Your Elevator Speech  

“I just sold a property in your area last week, and over asking! I know you must be feeling the pressure of selling your property at a deadline. Perhaps, I could show you a plan that could sell your property sooner in the market and for over asking? Can we set up a meeting?” 

elevator speech call

This script is good for getting specific prospects curious about selling their properties by making a profit.  

6. Script For Pitching to Someone You Know  

“Hi (name), I’m Catherine! We met earlier this year at Jane’s birthday party. So, how have you been?” 

pitching call

In this script, we advise that you don’t open because you are a real estate agent. Build the conversation up to the point that the person, when they find out you’re a real estate agent, don’t hang up and are open to a discussion about it. That’s your opening.  

Want to find out more? Reach out to us at Radius Suburb.  

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