What makes an effective cold calling list?



Cold calling can be a daunting task but it all starts from the very beginning. Building an effective cold calling list means you’ll set yourself up for success.

So what is an effective calling list? Your list should possess the following qualities:

  • Well researched – you’ve looked at a variety of sources and made sure that each lead is relevant. This is important because if you haven’t done your research, you’ll waste a lot of time chasing up people that aren’t interested in what you’re offering.
  • Detailed – not just simply with the contact details of your prospects (although this is also useful) but take it a step further. Note down your correspondence with this lead and be sure to revisit your notes later.
  • Up-to-date – there’s simply no use in cold calling a list of people that are no longer relevant. Take the time to filter your list and be mindful to update it whenever you can.

Now that you know what your list should look like, how do you begin to build one yourself?

Identify who you’re targeting



It’s no use crafting a list of potential leads when you don’t even know who these people are. Your first step is to define your ideal prospect.

You know what sort of prospects you want to call for your real estate services so take the effort to record who exactly this is. To help group your thoughts, it may be useful to categorise your potential prospects by category.

  • Ideal prospects,
  • Prospects that are good but not great
  • Prospects that will mostly be a waste time.

Now go and find these ideal prospects to add to your calling list!

Look at reliable resources

This is perhaps one of the most important points to take away with you as you begin to build your cold calling list. Your time is wasted if you gather contacts that aren’t relevant or interested.

That’s why you may want to look to a reliable source like Radius Suburb. We make it easy for you to find people genuinely interested in your real estate services. Furthermore, we supply a “washed’ list of real estate leads. This means you’ll get the names, addresses and telephone numbers of desirable prospects.

This residential list is available to you at any time over the year, and during this time the data is washed against the Do Not Call Register every 21 days.

Constantly update your cold calling list


You should always be revisiting your list and making notes against it. You might have called a prospect two years ago when they weren’t interested in your services, but their situation may have changed. Perhaps this same prospect’s family is growing and now they’re looking to upgrade to another home. So take note of who you’ve called, when you called and what they had to say.

As well as keeping track of the old prospects on your list, you need be constantly adding to your list. Look for new resources, go back to the resources you’ve trusted previously, revisit Radius Suburb’s washed data and always keep an eye out for a potential lead. Make time to do this every month or even every week and you’ll watch your calling list grow.

A cold calling list that stays static is never going to be an effective one.


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