How to keep warm prospects warm

Keeping sales leads warmKeeping those on a sales list ‘warm’ will keep you in business, will ease them into becoming a hot lead, will save you time from calling cold contacts, and will also improve your own sense of satisfaction in your profession – you are helping a fellow tribe member to have a better life.

But how? How do I keep my warm prospects hot?

Nowadays, anyone can be connected to anyone else around the world.

Which means we tend to be selective. We crave community, so we choose to stay connected to those we feel kinship with, and gain mutual benefit from the relationship.

To this end, here are some things you can do to keep your prospect warm:


1. Stay in touch

Obviously. There can be no warmth without contact. First, you must ask for permission to stay in touch one way or another – by email, newsletter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, Instagram maybe, then work up a schedule for how often is enough to keep them interested in hearing from you without overdoing it. Once you do this, there are tools to help you stick to it.

2. Be warm yourself

An old saying goes that people don’t read ads, they read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad (Howard Luck Gossard). Being personable and genuine enables others to feel that you care, and this will help them welcome your communication to the point that they will read what you offer, and feel warmer towards you. This works best if you genuinely DO care about your people – and this is your opportunity to show it!

3. Offer something of interest

Give them a point in reading, and make it accurate and relevant. General tips are good, but even better if you can offer them something of particular interest to them. You might have uncovered some knowledge relevant to their area, soil or type of property, and you would make them wiser to hear it. Give them something that would make them sound knowledgeable themselves!

4. Stay current and/or relevant

Know who and where your audience is, and respond as locally and to news as recently as you can. Comment on the storms in Mornington or the heat in Preston, even the victory of the very local sports team. If you are a bit more spread out, this might turn people off, since people only like to hear what’s happening in their tribe, so find out where your people are, and speak to them there if you can.

5. Cross-promotion

You might also find a particularly good set of gardeners or artisans you’d like to share with your community. Giving them a quick plug does you all a favour, as you strengthen the connection with each other and your public as if one big happy family.

You can even get pro-active about upcoming events! A store opening, a charity football match, an art gallery, especially if you sponsored it.

Keeping a warm lead warm, even hot, can be as straightforward as having a conversation with them, and a sense of community starts with everyone staying in touch with each other, so get involved and get connected.

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