Real Estate Marketing Ideas: Letter Drops vs Email Marketing

There is no doubt we are now in a digital age but do we need to do everything digitally? Are real estate agents only supposed to promote themselves online or do we as human beings need a more personal method of communication.

In this article we will be discussing letter drops vs email marketing, judging their effectiveness and capacities.


Email Marketing

At the golden child of the digital marketing, email marketing has proved time and time again to be an effective driver of sales for all industries. Real estate is no different, agencies all over Australia are starting to plan email strategies around how to convert prospective buyer and sellers.

Email marketing also has the unique ability to provide valuable insights on your prospective buyers and sellers. If you are currently using your personal email account we would suggest upgrading to a service like Mail Chimp. This way you can craft your emails with nice imagery, split your database into segments and schedule emails ahead of time.


Email marketi
ng has the advantage of reaching a large audience with little time invested. As an agent, you can use email to regularly update your community on market forces. The idea is not to be self-promoting but rather provide useful information your community can act on. By doing this you are imputing your skill set and driving brand awareness.

However, real estate email marketing should not be used as a direct sales method. This is likely to eat away at your reputation and has the potential to get you banned for spam.

In saying this you can and should use call to actions at the bottom of all your emails. This can be as little as “Get in touch on…”

Letter Drops

So are letter drops dead? Should they be?

We’ll we can defiantly see a slowing effect of agencies using letter drops in Australia and this is expected as the industry becomes more accustomed to digital techniques like email marketing.

However, more than 10 million people across Australia still read unaddressed mail every week. This makes letter drops consistently feature in the top three for print based media.

Letter drops add a level of personalisation to real estate marketing. They say someone has actually spent the time to hand deliver the letter and in a world when everything is automated prospective this certainly sticks out.

Also Letter drops are targeted pieces of marketing and present the opportunity to build your personal brand. You can do this by customising the letter by placing it in a distinct envelope or personal signage.

There are obviously some drawbacks mostly seen in the time spent to prepare this information. You are likely to spend hours drafting and delving letters to your local community.

Our AssessmentCrossroads

As you can see letter drops and email marketing are fundamentally different methods of reaching potential buyers and sellers. They both have their advantages and disadvantages the key is to treat them as independent activities and evaluate them as such.

Further they are not necessarily competing ideas rather at times they can be used to complement on another. Though our research we have noticed that so agencies use letter drops to drive online signups using QR codes.

On the other hand your agency can potentially use email marketing to assess the habits of your current database then dropping personalised letters to people who show the most engagement.


Building your Real Estate Marketing Lists

You cannot do an effective job of the above without possessing accurate real estate marketing lists. At Real Estate List Provider we offer a cost-effective prospecting to build you email lists in any suburb in Australia.

We provide washed data to help generate real estate marketing sales leads with higher conversions.

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