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Have you ever knocked on a door to introduce yourself to prospective clients? This is one of the most basic tactics for real estate lead generation and it is one real estate agents don’t seem to do as much anymore. Many agents think they are too busy to do this, or that it’s too old fashioned, but it can really be worth the time and effort. Don’t knock it til you try it!

The best times to knock on doors for real estate marketing

As a real estate agent, you should be familiar with the demographics in your neighbourhood. You can use this knowledge to figure out the best time to go door to door. Here are some tips:

Working class neighbourhoods tend to work very early hours or very late hours.

Upper class areas or areas with many retirees will be more likely to have someone at home during the day during business hours.

Saturdays between 9 AM til 8 PM in between your listing appointments and showings can be a good way to fill out your day.

Sunday afternoon is also good time to catch people at home.

Prove you are a legitimate real estate agent

A few touches such as a sign on your vehicle promoting your real estate agency and a business card can help prove you are a legitimate real estate agent, and not a door to door salesman. It also looks good for anyone driving past to see you out and about in the community. To anyone passing by you could visiting for a number of reasons. You might be currently hired by someone in the street. Maybe there’s a house nearby for sale soon? Perhaps you are a property manager in the area. It’s good advertising regardless.

Your Script

Plan and develop your script for when you are going door-to-door. Here’s a basic template that you can use as a starting point. It is best if you adapt it a bit to seem more natural.

“Hi, I’m *your name* from *your company*. I was just at a listing showing (or listing appointment) at (address nearby). I was just stopping by to introduce myself and let you know about the services I provide in this neighbourhood. Do you have 10 minutes to chat?”

If they say “no” that’s ok, most people will. You can also ask if it’s better to come back later or to call them over the phone another day instead if it’s a bad time. You can quickly mention anyone prominent in the neighbourhood you have helped or ask if they’re interested in hearing how much properties have been selling for nearby.

Don’t forget to leave a business card or perhaps some other fun promotional items behind for them to remember you by.

Further Development

Always plan how many houses you will visit and keep track of interactions and how to improve. After a few weeks or months start measuring your efforts and time to see how much time and effort results in legitimate leads and conversions. You can then measure if the commissions that you get directly from this measure are worth the effort.

You can also help increase your response rate by using residential phone listing data from Real Estate List Provider to get the name of the head of house prior to visiting so you can ask for them by name.

Good luck!


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