Where to Find Private Landlords for Your Agency

Real estate agencies often live and die by their lead lists. Your existing list of prospects or clients is likely to decay over time as they either no longer need an agent or end up looking elsewhere for support. To keep your agency above water, it’s important to have that stream of new clients.

Landlords are especially appealing because they are a source of regular business. If a private person buys or sells a home, they’re not going to be doing it for a while. However, landlords may need support from buyers agents every year or so as leases expire. This makes a great source of business, but you need to know how to reach them first. So, here are the six main methods you have to find the landlord of a property.

1. Residential Phone Listings

Resources like the White Pages were the gold standard for prospect mining for a long time, and still have plenty of use. These resources will generally have all the contact info you need to prep for a cold call or email to see if a given landlord needs your services. These are often generally updated annually so you don’t have to worry about listings going out of date.

2. Online Listings Websites

Residential phone listings are useful, but not every landlord necessarily favors the phone as a point of contact. More and more headway in terms of renting property is being done online nowadays. So, with this in mind, here’s a quick list of some of the most popular Australian websites for real estate listings.

Because each of these sites gets hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of hits per month, landlords are naturally drawn to posting their contact information in front of the largest audience of potential tenants. This works to your benefit as well when it comes to potential prospects for your pitch.

3. Social Networks

A landlord needs to market their property just like anyone else, and that often means some form of social media presence, be it formal ads or just marketing posts about said properties. You should keep an eye on these items to see if they have useful contact information.

4. Referrals and Word of Mouth

Most agents have a network of like-minded professionals, and this can be a good way to get hot tips about prospects. If someone knows a landlord in need, be sure to listen to what they have to say. In addition, your own marketing efforts may have landlords hearing about you through word of mouth.

5. Local Flyers and Community Post Boards

For those with a hyper-localised focus, these can be useful. However, there’s no way to look for these rather than actually going out and checking local post boards in person, which may be difficult in the midst of a busy workday.

6. Local Newspapers

Many are quick to bemoan the demise of the newspaper over online news, but these are still a good resource for local businesses. It’s well worth your time to look at the ads and see if any landlords are renting property.

All of these are methods that are solid for landlord contact information to empower your business. The issue you need to keep in mind is that this isn’t a one-time task. Contact information is constantly being added or going out of date, and you need a regular stream of new prospects to replace other ones that may go away. One good way to stay on top of the issue is by utilising a telemarketing database in real estate. This makes a great place to find private landlords to which you can pitch your services. Lead management is a key part of any real estate business, so make sure you have the tools and strategy to do it right.

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